Chrome OS1 Superfractors

The approximate odds of finding a Superfractor in Chrome OS1 is 1 in 9,967 packs (1 per 415.29 boxes).

Dots indicate the Superfractor was found.

Chrome OS1 Superfractors

Card Name Superfractor
1a Nasty NICK
1b Evil EDDIE Yellow
2a Junkfood JOHN
b RAY Decay
3b Heavin’ STEVEN
4a Fryin’ BRIAN
4b Electric BILL
5a Dead TED
5b JAY Decay
6a ART Apart
6b Busted BOB
7a Stormy HEATHER Yellow
7b APRIL Showers
8a ADAM Bomb Yellow
8b Blasted BILLY
9a Boozin’ BRUCE
9b Drunk KEN
10a Tee-Vee STEVIE
10b Geeky GARY
11a Itchy RICHIE Yellow
11b Bugged BERT Yellow
12a Furry FRAN Yellow
12b Hairy MARY
13a Ashcan ANDY
13b Spacey STACY
14a Potty SCOTTY
14b JASON Basin Yellow
15a Ailin’ AL Yellow
15b Mauled PAUL Yellow
16a Weird WENDY
16b Haggy MAGGIE
17a Wacky JACKIE Yellow
17b Loony LENNY
18a Cranky FRANKIE Yellow
18b Bad BRAD
19a Corroded CARL
19b Crater CHRIS Yellow
20a Swell MEL Yellow
20b Dressy JESSE
21a Virus IRIS Yellow
21b Sicky VICKY Yellow
22a Junky JEFF Yellow
22b Stinky STAN Yellow
23a Drippy DAN Yellow
23b Leaky LOU Yellow
24a Nervous REX
24b Nerdy NORM
25a Creepy CAROL Yellow
25b Scary CARRIE
26a Slobby ROBBIE
26b Fat MATT Yellow
27a Brainy JANIE Yellow
27b JENNY Genius Yellow
28a Oozy SUZIE
28b Meltin’ MELISSA Yellow
29a Bony JOANIE
29b Thin LYNN
30a New Wave DAVE
30b Graffiti PETEY
31a Run Down RHODA
31b Flat PAT Yellow
32a Frigid BRIDGET
32b Chilly MILLIE
33a Mad MIKE Yellow
33b Savage STUART
34a KIM Kong Yellow
34b ANNA Banana
35a Wrinkly RANDY
35b Rockin’ ROBERT Yellow
36a Wrappin’ RUTH
36b TOMMY Tomb
37a Guillo TINA
37b CINDY Lopper
38a Slimy SAM
38b Lizard LIZ Yellow
39a Buggy BETTY
39b Green JEAN
40a Unstitched MITCH
40b Damaged DON
41a Mean GENE
41b Joltin’ JOE

Lost Subset Superfractors

Card Name Superfractor
L1a Pickled PETE
L1b Formaldehyde FRED
L2a Baby ABIE
L2b Missing LINC
L3a Prickly PETE
L3b Thorny BARB
L4a Arach NED
L4b Web JEB
L5a Shadowy SHEILA
L5b Vaporized VAL
L6a Global WARREN
L6b AL Pocalypse
L7a Stitched STELLA
L7b Patchwork PAULA
L8a Slammed SLOAN
L9a Raising ELLA Yellow
L9b Grape VI
L10a Finger-Paintin’ FIFI Yellow
L10b LIBBY Stick
L11a Scrawled SAUL
L11b Bad ART Yellow
L12a NOAH Parking
L12b PETER Meter
L13a Dead FLORA
L13b Fetid FERN
L14a Dunkin’ DUNCAN Yellow
L14b WILL Hung Yellow

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